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Product under development

All the following products are under development.
We may change contents before we announce the product.
Therefore, we cannot answer a question.


Preamp Wo-1

Wo-1 is a high-end pre-amp of Miyajima-Lab.
This amplifier does not have volume resistance.
This amplifier coordinates volume by gain of the amplifier.
The phonopermission input is 1,800mV.
It is approximately 5 times of the conventional high quality vacuum tube amplifier.
The output impedance is 1,900 Ω. (plate follower)
Watt of the output is approximately 10 times of the general amplifier.
Wo-1 has a current meter to fine-tune the balance of the vacuum tube.

A phono is 2 circuits, and this amplifier can change input impedance.

The photograph is the inside of Wo-1.
The vacuum tube of the equalizer is
EF86 and 6BX7-1/2.
The volume circuit is 12AU7 and 6SN7.
The Output circuit is 6BX7-1/2.
Wo-1 uses a big power supply transformer
and four chalk transformers.

The design of Wo-1 is simple and bold.
Because all wiring is handmade,
the amplifier is longer life.

General volume Wo-1 volume

This is a simple image of the volume circuit.
Wo-1 does not use a partial pressure by the resistance.

We are going to announce this product within several months.
However, we cannot sell an amplifier to the country needing the safe standard mark of the electric appliance.
The mark that we can give to an amplifier is only Japanese PSE now.
We need a long term for the acquisition of the CE mark.