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Passive Selector / Wooden Belt / Metal Washer


Passive Selector with the Volume Control
(power supply not required)


Product name "Passive Selector PS-01"


About W150×H71×D175 millimeters
(including terminal and knob and foot)

The volume for professionals made by Alps
50kΩ type (for Vacume Tube amp)
10kΩ type (for Transistor amp)



About 820 g

Aluminum, Iron

carved seal

Passive selector with the convenient volume

If you do not hear an LP, this selector is a superior pre-amp of the cost performance.
There is not an amplifier function to this selector.
This selector without the phonoequalizer cannot use an LP player.
INPUT to connect CD Player, PC, tuner, TV, etc to has 3 circuits.

OUTPUT to connect power amp to has 2 circuits.
About OUT PUT, one and both output are possible.
Because you can connect two power amp, you output the same sound source in two rooms and can change it to one room.
Please control a sound source by the volume.

REC is not influenced by the volume.
REC outputs a select sound source directly.

I recommend that you connect the power amp of the high class to this selector than you purchase an expensive pre-amp.

How to choose volume resistance 10k and 50k

1) Please choose a 50KΩ type for vacuum tube power amplifier basically.
2) Please choose a 10KΩ type for transistor power amplifier.

Please be careful about the gain of the power amplifier.

High gain amplifier(recommended range between 0.1Volt and 1Volt) is desired because this device does not have booster circuit.
In the case the power amplifier gain is low, there is a possibility that output level is not enough.


Connection instruction
・SELECTOR(INPUT) 1,2,3 : CD Player, PC, Tuner, Television, etc.
・OUTPUT A,B : 2x Power amplifier
・REC : Direct output



Wooden Belt


Ebony, stainless steel bolt, acopper nut

 Product name  "Wooden belt "
 The width that is
 device possibility
 Length 23mm
 breadth 8-12mm
 Weight  About 3.5g



A metal part has to install it not to touch the terminal of the cartridge.
Please tighten it by power having weak finger-tip.
There is a big effect when used for Kotetu and Spirit.
It can be used for the cartridge of other companies, but please confirm size.

An effect:
This band reduces the resonance of the cartridge and increases weight.
This band stabilizes the sound quality of the cartridge and becomes the high-grade sound.


3 point contact Metal Washer (One set of 3 pieces)


Material: brass

As for the general shell, a rubber washer is used for a connection point.
Because this rubber washer is tender, the point of contact makes it vague, slight movement occurs.
Replace the rubber washer of the head shell with a 3 point contact metal washer.
The head shell is securely fixed by 3 point contact metal washer.
Three point contact of the metal washer removes the ambiguity of the contact and changes to clear and speedy sound quality.

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