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Reference audio system of Miyajima-Lab

This photo is the audio system of Miyajima Laboraory recently.
Below is the details of the contents.

2 way multi, 2 way network, 3D large system

Stereo cartridge
Monaural cartridge
Player system
MC amplifier
Channel divider
Power Amplifier
3D power amplifier
Woofer, tweeter
Mid-range driver
Carl Horn
3D speaker

Miyajima Laboratory Kansui + Audio technica shell AT-LH15/OCC
Miyajima Laboratory Zero + Audio technica shell AT-LH15/OCC
Miyajima Laboratory Garrard 301 system + SAEC WE-308L (with original subweight)
Miyajima Laboratory MC-1 or Step-up Transformer ETR-KSW
Miyajima Laboratory Wo-1 (volume less)
Miyajima Laboratory CH-1 (CL type)
Miyajima Laboratory Model 2010 (OTL amp) 2 units
Miyajima Laboratory Model 2000 (Mixing + OTL 3D amplifier with low pass filter)
Miyajima Laboratory CL-300
Miyajima Laboratory Prominent 2 way speaker (with excitation power supply)
WE 555 receiver
Miyajima Laboratory H-300
Miyajima Laboratory Jensen 45 cm + vacuum tube excitation power supply
Hitachi Wooo 50 inch

Reference audio system
This photograph is reference audio system of Miyajima-Lab.
I explain each product with a photograph.

horne and WE555driver - - - Speaker & Horne - - -

A woofer is Jensen of 70 years ago.
Jensen is an excitation type.
The tweeter is Electro-Voice.
The driver is top quality goods of WE555.
I produced original wooden Horne for WE555.
This Horne is calculated for WE555 driver minutely.
The metal box is WE555 and a network of the tweeters.
I match the phase of three speakers.
This is a 7V power supply for WE555.
I use selenium for a rectifier.

- - - Power amp - - -
Model 2010 x 2

The lower power amp drives a woofer.
The upper power amp drives WE555 and a tweeter.

- - - Pre amp - - -
Model Wo-1 (Japanese specifications)

I named this pre-amp "Wo-1".
The meaning of the name is World-1.
The volume mechanism of this Wo-1 is special.
Because a sound does not pass resistance, the sound keeps the best quality.
The circuit of this amplifier is very difficult and resembles OTL circuit.
This amplifier has a power supply of ±.
I want to produce overseas specifications of Wo-1 sometime.
- - - Turntable - - -
Garrard 301 & SAEC WE-308L (Original subweight)

Garrard301 is a very powerful turn.
WE308 of SAEC is structure of an ideal arm.
It is very simple and heavy.

- - - Cartridge & Shell - - -
Stereo Cartridge "Shilabe"
Audio technica shell AT-LH15/OCC

Because the cartridge is low compliance, I adjusted cartridge + shell to approximately 25 g.

- - - Step-up Transformer - - -
Stereo Step-up Transfoemer ETR-KSW
Mono Step-up Transfoemer ETR-MONO

I produce the vacuum tube-type head amplifier other than a stepup transformer.
The vacuum tube-type head amplifier is an ideal amplifier.
However, I must solve the problem of the shield of this head amplifier.
I make an effort to be able to sell this head amplifier to the market.

The following photograph is a reference LP to test a cartridge.
Most LPs are original records.
Classical LP
Jazz LP
Others LP