[November 5, 2018]
We have developed a new stereo cartridge "Destiny".
It is the best cartridge especially excellent for bass.
We put this cartridge in a special wooden box.

[July, 2018]
Miyajima-lab produced new stereo cartridge "Takumi L " and new mono cartridge "Infinity" .

[September 15, 2017]
Stereo cartridge "Saboten" and "Saboten L"
We completed new cartridge "Saboten".
Saboten is Japanese of the cactus.
We made a cantilever using spine of the cactus.
I searched for the cactus for several years and found spine of the Japanese cactus with moderate strength.
And I bring up a lot of these cactuses for several years.
I produced two kinds of "Saboten" cartridge using spine which selected carefully.
Please enjoy "convenient Saboten" and "Saboten L in pursuit of sound quality".

[August 6, 2016]
We produced new stepup transformer "ETR-STEREO".
We succeeded in the ideal impedance matching of a cartridge and a stepup transformer and the phonostage.
Furthermore, ETR-STEREO can add capacitance to input.

[September 24, 2014]
Miyajima-lab produced new stereo cartridge "Madake".
The ideal materials had sound quality beyond our imagination.

[May 28, 2014]
Miyajima-Lab produced vacuum tube pre-amp EC-5 of the new product!
This pre-amp can change input impedance.
The audio product shows maximum ability by an impedance matching.
In addition, there is an equalizer changeover switch for old LP and 78rpm.
An equalizer curve is standard Columbia(USA) curve.
The record of 78rpm becomes the clear sound.
This pre-amp has two output.

[April 15, 2013]
We produced new stereo cartridge Takumi.

[July 21, 2012]
I added new monaural stepup transformer "ETR-MONO".
ETR-MONO is the stepup transformer which is most suitable for a monaural cartridge.

[July 21, 2012]
I added an image to the "Photo" page.
(PremiumBEII, ETR-KSW, ETR-800P, ETR-MONO, Model2010)

[June 2, 2012]
I added new product monaural cartridge "ZERO".
ZERO is produced by the axis of the non-magnetic body.
Furthermore, I added 78rpm type (pure diamond stylus) to PremiumBEII and ZERO.

[April 18, 2012]
I added MC stepup transformer "KSW" of the new product to the trans page.
MC stepup transformer "ETR-800" was improved and was changed to "ETR-800P".

[November 28, 2009]
I added a passive selector with the volume of the new product to "Others".
I added the big photograph of the product to "Photo".

[November 24, 2009]
I renewed a homepage.

[October 22, 2009]
I changed translation of movie (Flash) of the structure of the stereo cartridge.

[August 26, 2009]
I added the details of premium BE.

[June 15, 2009]
The stylus of PremiumBE upgraded it with a pure diamond stylus.

[May 15, 2009]
I added structure of cartridge "Shilabe" to the page of Document.

[April 11, 2009]
I added it to a document about a Shibata stylus.

[March 11, 2009]
I added a product photograph for wholesaler to the Document.
The homepage moved.
The wholesaler please change the homepage address of Miyajima-lab.
Thanking you in advance.

[February 19, 2009]
I added a page of Document.
I updated a Japanese page.
I added the data of the stereo cartridge.
I added Premium BE to the Premium of the monaural cartridge.
I added the data of the Wooden belt.

[January 19, 2009]
I added a product to the page of "transformer/Other".

[January 10, 2009]
A Happy New Year!
I made a page of stepup transformer (ETR-800).

[December 8, 2008]
Beginning to sell ETR-800 MC stepup transformer.

~Outline of ETR-800~
1)Input : Low(2 to 20ohms) High(20 to 40ohms) Pass(50k ohms)
2)Output Impedance : 50k ohms
3)Voltage up ratio : Low(33dB) High(27dB)
4)Frequency range : 10 Hz to 20 kHz
5)Demagnetization : Demagnetization for both a cartridge and a transformer
6)Dimension, weight : W150 H85 D180 , 1.3Kg

Highest grade core material, permalloy 80 for the core of the transformer is used.
The calking material is "paraffin".
ETR-800 is installed in a beautiful TEAK case.

[November 18, 2008]
I will add a new MC stepup transformer to a product list in a few days.
The product name is ETR-800.and it is improved from our domestic model ETR-80.
The product name is ETR-800.
The major changes are as follows:
It changes a case and a terminal into high grade materials from the sense of quality.
1) I have regarded clear sound quality and the strength of the low level as
important not to spoil a good point of Shilabe.
2) I use a PC permalloy for a transformer.
3) There is a switch changing Low,High,Pass.
4) There is a switch for demagnetizing.
I think that this stepup transformer ETR-800 works acts on not only Shilabe STEREO
and Premium MONO but also the cartridge of other companies effectively.

[November 7, 2008]
I have prepared a banner of Miyajima-lab.

[July 10, 2008]
English version of " FLASH MOVIE" to show a difference of CROSS-RING structure was completed and available now.
For your convenience, I have made English translation so that there may be possible error(s). Please feel free to advise me of your frank opinion to correct expression.

June 20, 2008
A new product KOTETU using vertical axis concentration method is launched.
Please note that KOTETU is a cartridge for exclusive use of the monaural LP to reproduce the recorded information as much as possible.

~Outline of KOTETU~ Maker Otono-Edison
1)Output : 0.5mV
2)Frequency range : 20 Hz to 20 kHz
3)Output Impedance : 4 ohms
4)Stylus Shape : 0.7 mil conical
5)Tracking force : 3.0-4.5g
6)Weight : 8.8g
7)Remark : Moving Coil type cartridge for exclusive use of the mono.
(Do not use this cartridge for the reproduction of the stereo record)

The sound quality of KOTETU is ,I believe, splendid although KOTETU is offered at less expensive price.
KOTETU has been applied same structure of the vertical axis concentration method (patented)., similar to REPLICA sold in Japan.
It is quite easy to use since the compliance is high.