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- The message from Miyajima to Wholesalers -

I wish to encourage you to sell Monaural cartridges.
This comes from the fact that The Miyajima Lab has sold plenty of monaural cartridges to our customers in Japan and obtained good reputations from them, the goods are shipped almost everyday.
This is probably one of the reasons why "10 Audio" of U.S.A. has selected Miyajima's mono cartridge as their reference cartridge.
Please refer to: http://www.10audio.com/references.htm

As I always mention the mono cartridge is key component for Audio systems.
There are many audio systems funs who love Jazz and Classical music to play LP devices.
As you may know over 50% of well known superior LP's are monophonic.
Up to now, there are almost zero mono cartridges satisfying audio freaks' needs other than Miyajima's.
There is no doubt Miyajima's mono cartridges show excellent performance especially sound quality.
Our monaural products are Zero, PremiumBEII, Spirit, and Kotetu.
I am quite confident even most inexpensive KOTETU has better sound than our competitors' rather expensive models.

However one important point should be noted: where some of light weighted tone arms, Oil dump tone arm and the Old-model SME tone arm are used, those arms could not trace groove properly so that distortion of sound might occur.
This is because Miyajima's mono construction does not allow vertical move of the stylus.
However, I believe, this is rare case to most tone arms used at customers.

The simple explanation of the Stereo cartridge patent

When the right and the left coil cross, each other's middle point overlaps.
I make the middle point the fulcrum of the movement.
By this method, each coil does rotary motion to the movement of the stylus.
Therefore, electricity can be caused only with a coil without needing the amateur of the iron core.
The movement is not affected in magnetic flux, and the light weight can produce it.
The drawing is structure of Shilabe.

About Cartridge of the wooden body

Please note that the screw to the shell is easy to loosen because of the wooden body which cause unstable sound. Check the screw and tighten it whenever you find loosen screw.
Miyajima designs round body of the cartridge to perform better sound and good looking.
However, it is difficult for the form of "Stereo cartridge " to install straight a cartridge.
When you install a cartridge, please use a mirror.

About a Shibata stylus using for "Madake, Kansui, Shilabe"

As the Shibata stylus is a kind of elliptical, It increases areas of the lengthwise direction where analog disc comes in contact with a stylus.
Therefore, the stylus can move over a record smoothly.
As a result, high frequency range and stylus life are improved
The follows are explanation of the patents of Shibata stylus.
(PDF File)

sibata stylus

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