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Company name Miyajima laboratory
Representative Noriyuki Miyajima
Employee Six people
Duties contents Development of the audio product
Our Philosophy I am quite confident good audio products are to reproduce original recorded contents faithfully so that the artist expresses his(her) music with his(her) own feelings and the personality precisely.
Whenever musicality is accorded in with a theory without a deception, a good audio products become created.
The Miyajima laboratory thinks although we are am small , our rational is deliver only-one products and/or the best of the best products.
Address 4-3-25, chayama, jounan-ku, fukuoka-city, fufuoka, 814-0111 Japan
Regular holiday Every Saturday / Sunday
Additionally, Office may close consecutive holidays in May, our summer vacation, also end of the year and beginning of the year.
Foundation March 27, 1980

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