Miyajima Laboratory

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Reference audio system of Miyajima-Lab

This photo is the audio system of Miyajima Laboraory recently.

This audio system divides the frequency into four.
Ultra low frequency, low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency.
Ultra low frequency is outputting 50 Hz or less by an independent power amplifier.
Low frequency and medium frequency are separated by LC channel divider.
Low frequency is 50 Hz - 300 Hz.
Medium frequency and high frequency are separated by network.
Medium frequency is 300 Hz - 5,000 Hz (10,000 Hz). (WE 555 and Carl Horn)
It is the best system that Miyajima-lab thought.
All speaker units excluding high frequencies are of excitation type.
MC amplifier, preamplifier, all three power amplifiers are composed of vacuum tubes.

Below is the details of the contents.

2 way multi, 2 way network, 3D large system

Stereo cartridge
Monaural cartridge
Player system
MC amplifier
Channel divider
Power Amplifier
3D power amplifier
Woofer, tweeter
Mid-range driver
Carl Horn
3D speaker

Miyajima Laboratory Kansui + Audio technica shell AT-LH15/OCC
Miyajima Laboratory Zero + Audio technica shell AT-LH15/OCC
Miyajima Laboratory Garrard 301 system + SAEC WE-308L (with original subweight)
Miyajima Laboratory MC-1 or Step-up Transformer ETR-KSW
Miyajima Laboratory Wo-1 (volume less)
Miyajima Laboratory CH-1 (CL type)
Miyajima Laboratory Model 2010 (OTL amp) 2 units
Miyajima Laboratory Model 2000 (Mixing + OTL 3D amplifier with low pass filter)
Miyajima Laboratory CL-300
Miyajima Laboratory Prominent 2 way speaker (with excitation power supply)
WE 555 receiver
Miyajima Laboratory H-300
Miyajima Laboratory Jensen 45 cm + vacuum tube excitation power supply
Hitachi Wooo 50 inch

The following photograph is a reference LP to test a cartridge.
Most LPs are original records.
Classical LP
Jazz LP
Others LP