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Preamplifier Wo-1

Wo-1 is a high-end pre-amp of Miyajima-Lab.
This amplifier is the unique design that the signal of the sound does not pass resistance.
This amplifier controls the volume by a change of gain not volume resistance.
The phonopermission input is 1,800mV.
It is approximately 5 times of the conventional high quality vacuum tube amplifier.
The output impedance is 1,900 Ω. (plate follower)
Watt of the output is approximately 10 times of the general amplifier.
Wo-1 has a current meter to fine-tune the balance of the vacuum tube.

A phono is 2 circuits, and this amplifier can change input impedance.

The photograph is the inside of Wo-1.
The design of Wo-1 is simple and bold.
Because all wiring is handmade,
the amplifier is longer life.

General volume Wo-1 volume

This is a simple image of the volume circuit.
Wo-1 does not use a partial pressure by the resistance.